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At Mekanic, our philosophy of co-creation applies between team members as well as in our client partnerships. We all bring unique gifts to the table and enjoy an enviable degree of latitude – while also collaborating daily to unravel a branding project and uncover the right answers.

Working at Mekanic is like being a member of a special ops team. We thoroughly assess environments, observe and listen well, investigate tactfully, map possibilities, and humbly innovate our way to the best solutions. We unlock puzzles together, as a family, and with the best interest of our client partners in mind. And we are addicted to each new brand challenge that surfaces.


The work that we do is super important as we contribute to the livelihood of businesses, associations and their staff teams. Given this impact, we develop our own team with precision and care – engaging multi-faceted brand professionals who believe in a mission larger than themselves and their position. At Mekanic, we welcome crazy talent and bold voices – but we check our egos at the door to collaborate effectively, create efficiently and establish camaraderie. It’s not uncommon for our team members to begin with a tour-of-duty, participating part time on projects to feel out the fit and flow. Check below for positions we need to fill as we grow the Mekanic crew. If you are on board with our own brand’s purpose and promise, we can’t wait to hear from you.

Alexandria, Virginia

Junior Designer

Reports To:  Creative Director


Designers are fundamental to our work and how we bring brands to life. With deep immersion in brand projects from start to finish – they demonstrate focus, commitment, and a balance of pride and humility as the Mekanic team works together to produce the best design solutions for our clients.

Details + Requirements

Mekanic is growing, and we are seeking a Junior Designer to join our agency. This is an awesome position for a recent graduate in the early stages of his/her career looking to launch into the Washington, D.C. area design world. Our team at Mekanic is geeked out by branding and design, close-knit, always strives for excellence and is driven by meaningful work.


We help a wide spectrum of small to mid-size businesses and organizations, from start-up tech companies to nonprofits, and as a Junior Designer you will play an integral role in our work from day one. You can expect to provide direct client team support, conduct design research, develop and refine design concepts, ideate with all Mekanic team members and receive mentorship from senior creative leaders.


What we are looking for in a Junior Designer:

  • Previous coursework in graphic design and a strong portfolio
  • Proficient with Adobe CC: Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign
  • Deep understanding of typography and layout
  • Understanding, interest and some experience in UI, UX and digital design
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Understanding for print production process
  • A keen interest in design, branding and empowering small businesses
  • A willingness to work hard, receive creative direction and constantly improve your craft
  • Love for all things design

Apply Now!

Like what you have learned about Mekanic? Please introduce yourself and attach your resume and link to your online portfolio. We’d love to hear from you even if we don’t display a position that exactly matches your experience.